1-Dog $20.00 per visit
1-Cat $17.00 per visit

1- Dog 1- Cat $20.50 per visit

House sitting overnight stays $50.00 per night
(Pets Included)

Other services include:
Vacation or Out of town Visits To give your Home that lived in look.
Licensed & Insured

About Me

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Hi I'm Becky and here's a little bit about me: I have had two passions my entire life, one is music and the other is the love and joy of animals. I love to sing, but people have always told me that I have a way with animals. Right now I live with six ferral cat's that I have hand raised. Cat's do better when they are left by themselves, dogs not so much. That's why I started this business so that other pet's won't go through "separation anxiety" when you are gone. I will take care of your pet's like they are my own so they won't miss you as much when you are away. I am licenced and insured to pet sit or house sit if you don't have pets. So give me a call and we can set up a meet and greet so I can meet you and your "baby's"!!!

For more info. or to schedule a meet and greet

For more information or to schedule a meet and greet
Contact Becky at: (253) 350-6083

I look forward to meeting with you and your pet....
With Becky's "Baby" Sitting you don't have to feel Guilty anymore about leaving your pet home alone while you work those 10-12 hour days....

Travel often & and not sure who to rely on for proper pet care call Becky's "Baby" Sitting....

Had a bad pet care exsperience in the past, really not sure what to do? Call Becky's "Baby" Sitting....
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